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What Is Child Abuse Or Child Neglect In Connecticut?

Child abuse is an accusation involving a minor child who has been:

  • Injured by a parent or guardian (non-accidentally); or
  • Maltreated by a parent or guardian through malnutrition, sexual molestation, deprivation of basic necessities, emotional maltreatment or cruel punishment.

Child neglect in Connecticut is defined as a situation in which a parent or guardian has failed to provide and maintain adequate food, clothing, medical care, supervision and/or education for a minor child, whether intentional or not. Neglect also includes children who are abandoned or abused.

A charge of abuse or neglect is a serious matter and you need family law attorneys who are experienced in resolving these types of cases. Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C. has discretely handled these matters for many years. Our attorneys also provide legal help for children in these cases.

Can I Get Into Legal Trouble For Disciplining My Child In Connecticut?

Parents have the right to discipline their children in reasonable ways in Connecticut and most parental discipline does not cross the line to child abuse or neglect. Parents who use physical discipline should be sure it does not injure the child. Parents also should not deprive their children of necessities like food or shelter as punishment. The Connecticut Department of Children and Families recommends that parents not use physical punishment as discipline. If you have been accused of using punishment that is inappropriate, a child abuse attorney can help you resolve your case.

What Is DCF?

DCF is the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut, the state social services agency that protects children who are abused or neglected, as well as offering behavioral health services to children and handling juvenile justice and prevention services. In a child abuse or neglect case, this is the agency that makes the allegation of abuse or neglect and DCF caseworkers remove children from homes and place them in foster care. They are also responsible for monitoring and assisting parents who have been accused of abuse or neglect.

How Do I Get My Child Back If He Or She Is Removed For Abuse Or Neglect?

DCF has the right to remove a child if abuse or neglect is suspected, but must return the child within 96 hours unless a court orders that DCF have guardianship over the child. Once a child is removed from a home for alleged child abuse or neglect, DCF must take steps to attempt to reunite the child with the parents unless the parents' rights are terminated. DCF's goal is supposed to be bringing your child back home, but this can take many months to achieve. If your child has been removed, Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C. can help you bring your child home swiftly by offering powerful representation on your behalf against DCF. You need someone who can protect your rights and who understands the system. Our attorneys are your staunchest advocate in this difficult kind of situation.

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