If your former spouse has been ordered to pay child support or alimony but has stopped making payments, you can take action to enforce the court-ordered support payments. You also can take action if your divorce decree ordered certain assets to be sold and the proceeds deposited to your bank account, but your former spouse has not complied.

At Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C., in Stamford, our attorneys have a proven record helping parents whose former spouse is not complying with child support payments, custody and parenting responsibility plans, asset divisions or alimony payments.

Post-divorce enforcement can be made by bringing a motion for contempt to enforce a judgment, or if our client has been affected by a change of circumstances in which abiding by the court orders has become unduly burdensome, we may seek a modification of the judgment.

Child Custody And Parental Responsibility Plans

Child custody enforcement and parental responsibility enforcement are particularly sensitive areas because most child and family experts consider it in the long-term best interest of the child to have regular and consistent contact with both parents.

We believe the most effective method is to start with negotiations on your behalf to develop an out-of-court solution. However, we can quickly proceed to vigorously litigating your case if a settlement cannot be reached.

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