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What Is A Guardian Ad Litem?

Guardians ad litem are attorneys appointed by the court to represent the interests of a child in a family law case.

Divorce and custody case - Guardians ad litem are family law attorneys appointed to give a voice to the needs of the child in the case. Each parent has an attorney that advocates for that parent's interests to the court, so the court appoints an attorney who can do the same for the child. The guardian's role is to determine what is in the best interest of the child, or if the child is old enough to express an opinion, to represent that opinion to the court.
Our team has represented the interests of many children in family court and our lawyers are accomplished child advocates.

How Can A Child In Connecticut Obtain A Guardianship Or Conservatorship?

A child's parent is his or her legal guardian unless removed by the court. A child can petition the court, through an attorney, to have someone else appointed as his or her legal guardian or conservator.

  • Conservatorship - This occurs when someone is appointed by the probate court to make decisions about the personal affairs of a person.
  • Guardianship - This occurs when someone is appointed to care for the child and the child's property. When the child is over age 12, his or her wishes are considered by the court in determining legal guardianship. Factors considered in evaluating a guardian are: the ability of the prospective guardian to meet, on a continuing day-to-day basis, the physical, emotional, moral and educational needs of the minor and the existence or nonexistence of an established relationship between the minor and the prospective guardian.

Our attorneys have worked with many children who wish to have guardians or conservators appointed to manage their affairs. Let us help you.

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