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What Are The Laws About Same-Sex Marriage And Divorce In Connecticut?

In Connecticut, all marriages have the same legal status, regardless of the spouses' genders. When marriage equality was established in Connecticut, all civil unions performed to that date were automatically converted to legal marriages.

The laws governing same-sex divorce in Connecticut are the same as the laws for heterosexual divorce and the same forms and procedures are used. It should be noted that if you came to Connecticut to marry from another state, you can only obtain a Connecticut divorce if one of you meets the residency requirements for divorce. Residency requirements state:

  • One of the spouses has been a resident for 12 months
  • One of the spouses was a resident at the time of marriage and has returned with the intention of becoming a resident again
  • The reason for divorce occurred after either spouse moved to the state

Same-sex prenuptial agreements are treated in the same manner as heterosexual prenuptial agreements.

Does Same-Sex Divorce Cost More Than Heterosexual Divorce In Connecticut?

The sex of the spouses plays no part in the costs of the dissolution of marriage. The same laws and procedures apply and same-sex divorces are treated equally. Siegel, Colin & Kaufman ensures that same-sex couples are treated with fairness and respect in divorce procedures as well as all other matters.

Are There Legal Issues That Are Unique To Same-Sex Divorce Cases?

Yes. Same-sex marriage and divorce are not recognized by all states or the federal government, so assets such as Social Security and federal pensions and benefits cannot be distributed in a same-sex divorce. Additionally, there may be different issues with custody if the same-sex couple has children that are not the legal children of both parents. Custody and visitation laws cannot be applied in these situations. Our seasoned attorneys are prepared to help you fairly resolve all of the issues in your divorce, regardless of the prejudice and discrimination that may still be present federally or in other states.

What Are Same-Sex Divorce Statistics?

States that allow same-sex marriage have significantly lower divorce rates than states with only heterosexual marriage, implying that the divorce rate among same-sex couples is lower, although there are no specific statistics regarding same-sex divorce in Connecticut. Our attorneys seek the best possible settlements through negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration or litigation for all of our clients. We strongly believe in equality and offer high-caliber representation for your high-net-worth divorce.

Can We Get A Divorce If We've Moved To A State That Does Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriage?

If you meet the residency requirements in Connecticut (or in any other state that recognizes same-sex marriage), you can get a divorce in that state. You cannot obtain a divorce in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage. Our Connecticut same-sex divorce lawyers offer careful and thoughtful advice for all aspects of same-sex divorce and are prepared to guide you through the process.

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