| Oct 19, 2020 | Divorce

After a divorce, both parents are encouraged to maintain a strong, loving relationship with their children. This is why most courts prefer to award joint custody, since it is believed to be in the best interest of the kids at the center of the custody dispute.

However, some parents will actively try to alienate their kids against the other, which is a very serious matter. Healthline explains how parental alienation can be identified so you can take the proper steps if you believe your ex is influencing your children against you.

Your child has no positive opinions about you

Even in cases of severe abuse and neglect, kids still find some positive things to say about their parents. With alienation, children often express only negative sentiments about the parent they are being influenced against. They also lack any real evidence of parental wrongdoing. Instead, they offer vague pronouncements that mirror the same sort of language the alienating parent is using.

Your child expresses negative opinions about members of your family

When attempting to alienate your child against you, your ex may also involve other family members. This allows you former spouse greater control over your child, as he or she will be free of the influence of your family members, who are bound to disagree with any negative statements being made.

Your child fully supports the parent doing the alienating

In contrast to the weakened bond between you and your child, your ex’s relationship with your child will be stronger than ever. This is evidence of your former partner’s undue influence on your child, which presents them as the kind and loving parent and you as the negative influence. Additionally, your child will lack guilt about their behavior.