These are challenging times throughout the world. The Covid 19 pandemic has caused the deaths of more than 2.5 million people worldwide, devastated economies, limited our ability to travel and to live normally, and has wreaked havoc on the judicial system. While the swift development of vaccines to combat the virus has brought hope, courts in Connecticut and across the country have been put in the impossible situation of having to address backlogged dockets with limited resources. The reality for divorcing spouses in 2021 is that they cannot depend on swift court intervention to resolve their disputes - the best way to resolve their cases is through settlement.

Litigants are often under the misconception that a lawyer zealously advocating for their interests should not get along with their spouse's attorney. The truth, however, is it is much better for their divorce lawyers to respect one another and to work well together. The simple reason is that respectful and cooperative attorneys are better-suited to facilitating the resolution of disputes without having to resort to the courts. When divorcing spouses choose lawyers who are known for their cordial and professional relationships, more often than not their cases are resolved amicably, expeditiously, and with reduced legal fees.

Unfortunately, some divorce lawyers look at each case as an opportunity to exploit their clients to generate substantial legal fees. They create controversy where a cooperative resolution should have been possible. We believe this approach only works to hurt the people we are here to serve. The detrimental effects of a "bad divorce" are not limited to their cost - they are often far-reaching and can irreparably impact parties' ability to co-parent together. We only get one chance with our children - no parent wants the memory of their childhood to be the horrific divorce that their parents had.

At Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C., our emphasis is on settlement, which offers our clients the greatest control and privacy and allows attention to the smallest details. In addition to utilizing old-fashioned, sensible negotiation, we are experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce to protect you, your interests and your privacy.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have cultivated over many years with our professional peers. Members of the Fairfield County divorce bar often solicit our advice on matters, ask us to mediate or arbitrate aspects of their cases and have the utmost respect for the way we practice matrimonial law and the results we achieve. We believe that our reputation and relationships are tremendous assets that position us to achieve favorable, expeditious, cost-effective, and amicable results for our clients.

While we firmly believe it is best to settle a case whenever possible, not every case can be resolved without a determination by a court. At Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C., we are always prepared to step into a courtroom and litigate for the best possible outcome in your case. But even when aggressive litigation is required, you can count on us to conduct your case in a respectful and professional manner.

Our firm was founded as the legacy of a respected local family law firm, Fitzmaurice and Siegel. Following in the well-known footsteps of those before us, our firm offers comprehensive legal representation in a wide array of matters to clients who are intelligent, savvy, sophisticated and require discreet legal services. Our firm's client-centered philosophy and commitment to matrimonial and family law have earned us recognition and accolades from Super Lawyers Magazine, Martindale-Hubbell, and Worth Magazine. Learn more about our respected and award-winning attorneys at the links below.


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