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What Is Dissolution Of Marriage?

Dissolution of marriage in Connecticut is a divorce, which legally ends the marriage and resolves all of the issues involved, including division of assets, alimony, child support and custody. A divorce can be contested or uncontested.

  • Contested divorce - A contested divorce is one in which the spouses do not completely agree about how property division, custody, alimony and/or child support should be resolved. If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes, they may need a judge to make the determination for them.

  • Uncontested divorce - An uncontested divorce is one in which the spouses have come to an agreement about ending their marriage. They may reach an agreement themselves or work with their attorneys to reach a divorce settlement memorialized in a separation agreement. Uncontested divorces can be substituted for contested divorce at any time, and thanks to a relatively new court procedure, can be completed even without a court appearance.

Most divorces can be settled, which is why Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C., divorce attorneys encourage the use of a cooperative divorce process to try to reach out-of-court agreements when appropriate. We also obtain modifications to divorce decrees when alterations are needed to alimony, custody and child support due to changes in circumstances.

Separate Your Assets in a Civil Manner

Hire a divorce attorney in Stamford, CT

There's a lot of emotion tied into the divorce process. If you hire a divorce attorney, you'll have a counselor and guide to help you negotiate agreements and resolve arguments throughout the process. Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, P.C. has a team of professional divorce attorneys available to help you. Our business-oriented approach means we handle your matters with discretion, respect and efficiency.

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What Issues Arise In A Complex Divorce?

A complex divorce is a case in which one or both of the spouses have high incomes or substantial assets, oftentimes including business interests. A case of this nature requires focused legal attention and may involve:

  • Forensic accounting - Experienced accounting is necessary to unearth all assets being sure none are hidden and to value the assets of the marriage. It is also used to protect assets.
  • Business valuation - The valuation of the business is a key part of a high-asset divorce and if done correctly, protects the client's interests.
  • Real estate valuations - Homes, vacation homes and income properties are important assets that impact the outcome of the property settlement.
  • Calculation of alimony - Ongoing or lump-sum alimony payments can make up a strategic portion of a divorce settlement.
  • Analysis of stock options, restricted share units, deferred compensation and retirement accounts - These assets are often linchpins in a divorce settlement.
  • Hidden and overlooked assets - An experienced family law attorney knows where to look and what questions to ask so that a fair financial strategy can be created using all assets.

When you need a Stamford lawyer to guide you through a complex matrimonial law case, our team is ready to offer sophisticated advice and proficient settlement and litigation services.

How Do I Know What My Assets Are Really Worth?

A divorce that involves large and complex assets needs experienced legal representation. Your assets need to be valued by professionals who can provide accurate comparisons and detailed analysis. You likely have an idea of what some of your assets are worth, but the value of items like real estate, businesses, investment properties, vehicles, stock options and retirement accounts is more difficult to find. Our attorneys can help you find your precise net worth and protect your interests in a dissolution of marriage.

How Long Is The Divorce Process?

How long your divorce takes depends on how quickly you and your spouse can reach a settlement or a trial can be concluded. A settlement may be reached at any time, and a judgment can be entered by the court immediately thereafter. If a settlement cannot be reached, a complex litigated divorce may take more than a year to complete. Our attorneys use collaborative divorce, mediation and arbitration to resolve your divorce as quickly as possible and to avoid a trial, when appropriate.

What Happens If One Spouse Relocates During A Divorce?

Relocation is an important issue for many families. Many divorces involve relocation, which impacts the parenting plan for children. If you or your spouse wishes to relocate with your children, you need attorneys who understand the law and can negotiate an acceptable custody arrangement or, if necessary, litigate your position in court. Our firm assists you in any relocation issues that arise during or after your divorce with confident and professional representation.


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