Establishing custody and parental responsibility plans for children with special needs during and after divorce requires attention to how to best support the developmental needs of the child. Such issues call for specific experience with such children, which our lawyers have.

This area of family law needs an extraordinary attorney who is keenly aware of the importance of stability amidst change, which a child with special needs must have in order to develop to their full potential. When their parent's lives are in flux, the best interests of a child with special needs includes a wider scope of considerations.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys pay close attention to whether your child requires assistive technology, needs to attend a particular school, has frequent medical appointments to a certain health care provider, or is socially bonded to one set of friends at school or group and needs to remain in that geographic region.

Parenting considerations may include deviation from the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines on account of special expenses, and the term of child support can be extended in Connecticut through age 23 in particular cases. The financial issues may also impact the determination of alimony to support the parent who will be the child's primary care giver.

We Are Experienced And Understand Your Unique Situation

Our goal is to get a parental responsibility plan that fits your child's individualized necessities. We focus on agreeable settlements first because this way you are in control of the fine details of your parenting plan and your privacy.

Whether through mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or negotiation, our lawyers work to protect the best interests of your child because we believe in settling a case whenever possible.

If you and your child's other parent cannot come to an agreement, our team of attorneys is always prepared to go into a courtroom and litigate the best possible outcome in your case.

Let us help you develop and stabilize your custody arrangements for your child with special needs such as:

  • Autism
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Learning differences
  • Physical disabilities
  • Chronic illness

At Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, our experienced lawyers have helped many Connecticut families whose children have special needs by creating sound, flexible parenting plans, and we are uniquely suited to assisting you.

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